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      1. About

        We are dedicated to introducing innovative design thinking into every detail of production.

        Our vision

        With our corporate spirit of “Navigate the future”, PEGATRON seeks to grasp people’s expectations and desires about the future using cutting-edge, constantly-innovating technology. Furthermore, we strive to materialize and satisfy them in order to sculpt a more magnificent and convenient new world.

        Our culture

        We insist on the spirit of perseverance to constantly pursue growth at work, in life and embrace all challenges.
        Passion for technology
        We believe technology should be appreciated, because it allows us to achieve what previously was thought to be impossible.
        Commitment to quality
        In order to provide the most cost-effective, high quality products that cater to the market needs, we are committed to refining our quality management and production process during design, manufacturing and service, so to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. This is the quality that we intend to uphold.
        We view all our suppliers, customers, shareholders, and end-users as our partners. We endeavor to foster and maintain these healthy relationships with our partners by achieving mutual successes and benefits.

        Core competence

        Strong Design
        We employ highly talented in-house design teams that uphold the spirit of innovation in developing brand new products, in turn making PEGATRON the industry leader.
        R&D capability
        Fueled by potent innovation and development capability, we strive to maintain a strong patent portfolio.
        Manufacturing systems
        We have implemented vertical integration for key components and streamlined our manufacturing/management systems.

        Strategic action

        Continuous innovation
        We invest in world-class consumer insights, technologies, designs and superior manufacturing processes.
        Making a difference
        We are committed to creating a sustainable environment and focused on making a positive difference in the processes of design, manufacturing and service as an international enterprise.
        Strategic investments
        We strive to generate the maximum benefits for our clients by making strategic investments in our businesses within the group.